relaxing and recharging

Relax and unwind as an emperor:

The soothing and amazing atmosphere of the Bavarian haelth resort just outside Regensburg convinces thousands of people looking for recovery, relaxation; and the patience of the resort, of its beauty every year. Experience, how becoming healthy turns into a fun filled and relaxing experience: In the Kaiser-Therme-Bad Abbach bath, sauna, and spa area - you will forget your everyday life routine and dive into an exclusive world of health and wellness full of pleasant surprises. Valuable natural mud, health-active sulfur and especially mineral-rich hot springs are the three trump cards Bad Abbach has instore for you.

Health directly from mother earth the thermal bath Abbach

More than two grams of pure "health minerals" are dissolved in one litter of true Bad Abbachs healing waters: The natural power of sulfur, calcium, magnesium, sodium and Co., can be tracked down over 600 square meters in the large thermal pool of the Kaiser-Therme, well tempered and fresh from the source. This completely special active substance combination gives above all, new momentum and well being to your back and refreshes your entire body.

Bad Abbach black gold Moor-baths directly from nature.

Now you can enjoy a one of a kind tingling sensation on your skin during a full nature bath filled with rich moor. This deep black, very fine "treasure of nature" is one of Bad Abbachs biggest health secrets. It is a very pleasant feeling to have the warm soothing moor-bath all over your body and to feel the relaxing power of the hot spring. Tank up new power for your everyday life. Just give it a try!

The feel good highlights between vital sauna and ice fountain

Find new peace between the comforting of fresh herbs, the soothing of the North and the refreshing feel of the ice fountain, from which, at anytime, you can draw ice cubes to cool your mind and body. The extensive sauna area with four different kind of saunas and steam baths will let you experience a one of a kind comforting and relaxing feeling. With this warm hearted and inner soothing heat after this amazing experience you can calm down your senses in one of the comfortable folding chairs located in the relaxing quiet rooms that have a beautiful overview on Bad Abbach. If you, however would like to calm your senses in a different way try our panoramic Jacuzzi instead. This is a fun filled relaxation adventure that will be waiting for you, year round. 

Let spa dreams come true

The way of putting together your very own personalized wellness program can be so fast: Just take a holiday on an exclusive relaxing island and personalize it just as you please in the Bad Abbach Kaiser-Therme where you have so many fun options to choose from. Feel like Cleopatra and take a soothing bath in a fragrant of warm and relaxing milk, found out how amazing a bath with prime rose oil can feel or pick and choose from the many massages that we have to offer, but you will be in seventh heaven in no time, that is for sure!

An exclusive relaxation experience: A salt cave with a "Dead-Sea-feeling"

Dead Sea in Bath Abbach? Not quite, but in the exclusive "Dead Sea salt cave" of the Kaiser-Therme you can enjoy the effects of the healing minera just as if you were in the actual Dead Sea. Sit and relax on comfortable loungers under the warm lights of the salt lamps, with soothing music, virgin sea salt on the walls and floors and fell the power of the “Dead Sea” crystals. The specially-enriched air and low humidity let you feel the strength of the Dead Sea- a real treat for respiratory tract and lungs, as well as a highly effective remedy for skin complaints and stress.

Cures like an emperor: a healing bath in the sulfur water

Even Kaiser Karl V. knew how relaxing a bath in Bad Abbach sulfur water could be, nearly 500 years ago. To this day, the highly effective sulfur baths are true "Healing fountains" for the whole body: whether rheumatism, skin problems, inflammation, tired joints and problems with movement - sulfur gives you a new health. In the Kaiser Therme Bad Abbach lavishing baths are available, personalized to your liking, with very high-efficiency sulfur water.