Welcome to a cultural region of superlatives

Be enchanted by the many cultural and natural monuments in and around Bad Abbach. Discover the landmark of Bad Abbach: the more than 800 years old defensive Heinrichsturm that sits proudly above the city. Stroll through our beautiful park, while smelling the fresh herbs in the Hildegard von Bingen-garden, or visit the “medieval miracle” of Regensburg with its’ 1200 historic buildings. Let history spring to life in the only preserved, medieval city in Germany. Enjoy an Italian flair in the narrow streets and open squares with outdoor cafes, small shops and the unique ambience of a vibrant, young, ageless city, even though it was born over 2000 years ago. Take a rest in the Cathedral of St. Peter while looking at its; extraordinary works of art, after strolling along the stone bridge and the Old Town Hall. From Bad Abbach, Regensburg is conveniently accessible by bus of the RVV and in a few minutes by car.