Historical information

The origin of Bad Abbach reaches far back into the times of the Celts, who saw the springs as the embodiment of all life and growth.

The sulphur springs in Bad Abbach were particularly highly regarded by these spring-worshippers.

Holy Roman Emperor Henry II was born in the Abbach castle on May 6, 973.

The first documented mention of Abbach was in 1007.

In 1210, Duke Ludwig I elevated Abbach to the status of market town.

The first mention of the baths was as early as 1262. Bad Abbach is proud of its long tradition as a bathing location, whether thermal, sulphur or mud bathing. The Celts and the Romans, no strangers to the art of bathing, as well as Emperor Charles V, all used the healing powers of the springs in Bad Abbach. A regular bathing industry has been running since 1465. That's when Duke Sigmund of Bavaria granted permission to build the "Wild Bath" in Abbach.

In 1486, the town was given its own coat of arms by Duke Albrecht IV. The white and blue diamonds in the upper half are for the Wittelsbach family, the rulers of Bavaria. In the 15th century, the three red roses on a yellow ground were said to be the arms of the legendary Lords of Abbach, famous rulers who lived in the castle for many generations.

In 1794 the final blasting for the construction of a postal route took place here. This road stretched from Augsburg to Prague.

To honour Prince Elector Karl Theodor, the Head of the Privy Council, Royal Count von Törring, built the Lion Monument on the bank of the Danube opposite the stone tablet. One of the lions looks towards the river, and the other looks at the inscription.

The big stone tablet

The inscription on the big stone tablet reads as follows:

"The Bavarian Vice-President of the Privy Council, Joseph August, Count von Törring, was responsible for setting up this monument to Prince Elector Karl Theodor, Count Palatine of the Rhine, our best Prince. For under his government, the overhanging rocks on the bank of the Danube were blasted away and a new road built between Saal and Abbach. 1794."

Our modern resort and tourist town has been able to call itself "Bad Abbach" since 1934.
In 1949, the Bavarian Red Cross took over the running of the spa resort.
In 1978 the town began a city partnership with Charbonnieres-les-Bains near Lyons in France.

In 1993, the "Kaiser-Therme" spa resort was opened for business.

In 1998 and 1999 the orthopaedic and rheumatology rehabilitation clinic was built.