Culture and places of interest

There are some real gems to be found in Bad Abbach and its vicinity:

  • Roman bathing house "Villa Rustica"
  • Christophorus Church
  • The old archive building on the castle's hill
  • Cave in Dünzling with a "Way of the Cross"
  • Celtic fortifications
  • Churches in Oberndorf and Poikam
  • Lion Monument
  • Town Hall Museum
  • Rhine-Main-Danube canal with sluice and power plant
  • Sulphur spring
  • Castle hill with "Henry's Tower" and St. Nikolaus church
  • Pilgrimage church in Frauenbründl (Hermitage)

As well as all this, you can visit the cities of Regensburg (Unesco World Heritage site, 9 km away) and Kelheim (15 km) with the unique Weltenburg Monastery, Danube gorge (European Diploma) and Freedom Hall.